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Re: cdrom-detect udeb package in netinstall CD of Lenny

On Sat, 13 Aug 2011 07:09:26 +0530, Ravi Roy wrote:

> I am using netinstall 5.0.4 of Lenny and I wonder if somone can throw
> some light on cdrom-detect udeb package which is part of debian
> installer. I can not find cdrom-detect.udeb in debian netinstall CD of
> lenny. 

It is here:


And that package contains one file, a small script named "15cdrom-detect".

I wouldn't worry about the availability of the package but the checksum 
of the ISO. If it is okay, then all is fine.

> Reason to ask this is to understand that what is the flow of
> CD/DVD-Rom detection and mount or how it works at lower level.

For this I can't tell, but you can download the ".deb" and read by 
yourself the script :-)



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