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Re: [maybe OT] unicode control characters in filenames

> myuser@mysytem:~/path-name-of-unicode-files$ rename -n 's/\x{202A}//' *
> I get no output although x{202A} is definitely the first char in the filename.
> This definitely needs more than a cursory view into perl - exactly what I 
> wanted to avoid.
> Maybe I better post in a perl mailinglist. Only I'm afraid that I'll get 
> nothing but RTFM! and "do your own homework!" - they maybe right ...

Sorry to hear my suggestion about tr didn't help you.
Try this:
ls *file.ext | hd       
    to be sure you know what characters are in the filename, then
prename -n 's/\x20\x2A//' *file.ext
    or what ever the characters turn out to be
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