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Re: Log File or Available Space Monitoring

On Wed, 10 Aug 2011 22:56:44 +0300, David Baron wrote:

> This is a not-so-sporadic problem: USB mouse begins spewing errors and
> these grow the syslog and daemon.log files until /var is full. At this
> point, the filesystem journal and the mail system are crippled. One must
> remove these two files and reboot. The bootup check will remove an inode
> or so and things will play.
> I would like some daemon to monitor either selected log files or the
> available space and alert before this gets out of hand. At this point,
> automatic execution of a script or manual deletion can be done before
> its "too late."
> Any ideas?

Yes. Don't try to work around the symptoms; find and correct the source 
of the problem.

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