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Re: network devices have vanished on Dell D600

On Tue, 09 Aug 2011 14:00:25 -0400, Mark Grieveson wrote:

> Hello. I have a Dell Latitude D600. I successfully installed Debian and
> the firmware for the two network devices on the laptop, those being a
> Broadcom NetXtreme ethernet card (using firmware tg3) and an Intel
> PRO/Wireless Network Connection (using firmware ipw2100). This was
> working fine. However, this morning I find that the laptop is not seeing
> either of these devices.


> Aug  8 12:10:07 debian kernel: [  248.471844] tg3: eth0: No firmware running.

That seems to point to the problem. It cannot read/get the firmware.

> Aug  8 12:10:42 debian kernel: [    6.614257] udev[326]: renamed network interface eth0 to eth1

Then it renames the interface...

> Aug  9 11:19:21 debian kernel: [    6.512468] ipw2100: eth0: ipw2100_verify failed: -5 
> Aug  9 11:19:21 debian kernel: [    6.512850] ipw2100: eth0: Failed to power on the adapter. 
> Aug  9 11:19:21 debian kernel: [    6.512880] ipw2100: eth0: Failed to start the firmware.

And here seems to fail also. How weird :-?

Have you tried to reload both modules? I.e.:

modprobe -r tg3 && modprobe tg3
modprobe -r ipw2100 && modprobe ipw2100

(do not do this if you are connected remotely via ssh and be careful, this 
can lead to a computer hang, so be prepared...)



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