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Re: Kernel messages during startup


> *Hi,
> by the way  how to  stop/start the " Kernel messages during startup",
> to have enough  time to read on the fly,  what it is doing
> thanks
> *
that depends on which messages you mean: The messages coming from the kernel 
(recognisable by the [timestamp]) end up in /var/log/dmesg, the easiest way to 
read them is the "dmesg" command. However, there are many more messages there 
that are not printed, you can to look for the ones you grasp during startup.
For messages from the init scripts, you have to enable boot logging 
(http://www.go2linux.org/bootlogd-to-read-boot-console-messages), then you can 
find them in /var/log/boot.

Kind regards,

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