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Re: System crash when swithing to text-console

On Sun, 07 Aug 2011 13:54:09 +0200, Martin Lorenz wrote:


> The misery begins as soon as you try to switch from X to console either
> by Ctrl-Alt-F1 or induced by system shutdown
> the monitor goes black and the sysem will not react to any input not
> even to SysReq Keys

How about ssh? Can you still login via shh?

> after about a minute or so the system powers off and immediately on
> again to boot up normally (with the usual warning about HDs not having
> been unpountet properly)
> I have no idea so far as to where I should start investigating. The logs
> don't show any abnormality as far as I can say.

Maybe something related to the VGA card driver or KMS... is there 
something interesting in the logs ("/var/log/syslog" or "/var/log/



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