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Re: What are you talking about

2011/8/4 Kevin Williams <legendary2094@gmail.com>

I was just trying to boot up my laptop I'm studying computer science when I get to college next year.

May be you should consider another career... Surely you can study CS anyway, but you'll need to teach yourself a lot more... Technology is changing everyday... 

Telecommunications is a lot more stable than CS e even there I studied analog switches and now I install and see Asterisk everywhere.    

so I decided to get to know linux so I can know something before college and my friend told me out was hard to listen so I figured I should learn know then later. Now my laptop isn't booting up to debian and I don't know what I'm doing

Why can't you follow the documentation (howto) like everybody else... you can even try Ubuntu... My wife's laptop is a Debian one, even my 4 year girl use it every day and is having a lot of fun. 

You may find that the world is more friendly today than was when I started typing my own games in a storageless TK85... I really loved the MSX and you can't imagine what having a hard disk has mean to a technology student just a few years ago... Unix is just great and easy to hack...

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