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Re: Another problem

On 8/4/2011 4:25 AM, Kevin Williams wrote:
> I got past the login but now it shows my username@debian20:$ what I do now

It was immediately apparent to me after your second post that you're
without doubt trolling for your own amusement.

There will be tons more suckers on the Ubuntua and other nub Linux
distro help lists that will likely allow you to keep up this game
indefinitely, if you're the least bit clever about it.  Here you have
not been clever.

Here, on debian-users, the sensitivity gain on the bullshit meter is set
pretty high, thus you're busted after few posts.

Go along now, and play your games with those not equipped to detect your
bullshit.  But oh wait, that wouldn't be any fun would it?

Get lost nut bar.


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