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Re: Firewall Setup

Paul Stuffins wrote:
> My setup really only needs to allow access, from the internet to the server,
> on ports 80 and 443, for Apache, 60000, for ssh and 3306, for MySQL along
> with access from the server to the Debian repos and 3306, I have a couple
> database servers that I manage from one central location hence needing
> access to and from the server on 3306.

Personally it would make me nervous to expose the mysql port to the

> When I run "shorewall check" I get the following output:
>     shorewall check
>     Checking...
>     Processing /etc/shorewall/shorewall.conf...
>         ERROR: FOREWARD_CLEAR_MARK=Yes requires MARK Target in your kernel
> and iptables
> What do I need to ask my provider to enable on the host node?

Tom Eastep the Shorewall author responded to a very similar question
with this response:



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