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Re: 3.0 kernel fails to compile

On Tue, 02 Aug 2011 20:30:01 -0400 (EDT), Dave Witbrodt wrote:
> Stephen Powell wrote:
>> I don't like "make deb-pkg" that well for a number of reasons.  One of
>> them is that I get a linux-headers-* package and a libc-dev package too,
>> whether I want them or not.  make-kpkg is more flexible.  I only get the
>> packages that I want.
> I agree that this is a lack of flexibility.  The reason I am not 
> bothered by it is that the in-kernel deb-pkg target builds all of those 
> packages extremely efficiently, and my Phenom II quad core builds my 
> custom kernel and all of the DEB packages in just under 3 minutes when I 
> build using 5 parallel processes.

Your hardware screams compared to mine.  My machines are mostly old Dell
machines, circa 2002-2003.  One processor, about 1 GHz, about 512M of RAM,
and a kernel build is typically an overnight process.  Quite a difference.
For me, being able to skip the build of an unnecessary package is a
significant advantage.
> ...
> The fact that 'kernel-package' cannot (for the 
> moment) build 3.0 kernels while the upstream "deb-pkg" makefile target 
> _can_ demonstrates the benefits of having the DEB build code in the 
> kernel itself.

It is nice to have more than one way to skin a cat.  Hopefully, both
methods won't be broken at the same time.  And if kernel-package were
to go away, I could live with "make deb-pkg" if I had to.  But I still
prefer kernel-package.

Another thing I like about kernel-package is that, when used with
out-of-kernel-source-tree kernel module source packages designed for
use with kernel-package, I don't need to build or install a
linux-headers-* package.  To me, it seems really stupid to build and
install a linux-headers-* package when the entire kernel source tree
is already installed.  The kernel headers are included with the kernel
source, and having to install two copies of the headers is annoying.

kernel-package can also create a debug or doc package from the custom
sources, while "make deb-pkg" can't.  So far, I've never had the need
or the desire to create a debug or a doc package; but again, flexibility
is on the side of kernel-package.

I may take a look at the scripts myself this weekend.  Manoj doesn't
seem to have as much time as he used to.  A bug report with a patch
is usually better than a bug report without one.  Maybe I'll get lucky
and be able to fix it myself.


  .''`.     Stephen Powell    
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