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IPv6 + Bonding

I'm using this network configuration for IPv6 + bonding, but it isn't working as it should.
I've replaced the IP addresses with xx.xx.xx.xx because this is a private system.

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface (IPv4)
auto bond0
iface bond0 inet static
        address xx.xx.xx.xx
        gateway xx.xx.xx.xx
        slaves eth0 eth1
        bond_mode balance-tlb
        bond_miimon 100
        bond_downdelay 200
        bond_updelay 200

# The primary network interface (IPv6)
iface bond0 inet6 static
        address xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::1
        netmask 64
        gateway xxxx:xxxx:xxxx::1
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::2
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::3
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::4
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::5
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::6
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::7
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::8
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::9
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::10
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::11
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::12
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::13
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::14
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::15
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::16
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::17
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::18
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::19
        up /sbin/ifconfig bond0 inet6 add xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::20

When I reboot, everything is pinging besides the additional IPv6 addresses (the 'up /sbin/ifconfig' lines).
When running these lines (without the 'up' bit) on SSH they all start pinging and work fine.

Besides this, all networking related commands completely break networking and require a reboot.
When I do '/etc/init.d/networking stop', all networking stops, but the bond0 device stays in ifconfig (not pinging)
When I then do '/etc/init.d/networking start', all devices are added to ifconfig again, but still nothing pings
When I then do 'ifup bond0', it says 'bond0 is not a configured device'
When I do 'ifconfig bond0 down' it goes down and is gone from ifconfig
When I do 'ifconfig bond0 up' it comes back in ifconfig and is not working

So the two problems are that I need to keep rebooting for network changes and manually adding the additional IPv6 addresses.

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