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help to choose right printer to buy

I'm looking to buy one of these B/W Laser printers:

Samsung ML-2855ND or Brother HL-2270DW.

I have no personal experience with printers of these manufacturers and 
have no idea how good their drivers/support are.

Samsung lists as supported only few distributions of old versions and 
offers so called Universal Pint Driver, about which I've read quite 
controversial things.

Brother have a driver for the above particular printer. But on their 
"Evaluated Distributions" page lists only Debian 5.04 32 bit, while I'm 
using Debian 6.02 64 bit. 

It also lists Ubuntu 10.04 both 32 and 64 bit. This is fine but would it 
work under the next release/s?

The Brother customer rep shocked me by not being able even to pronounce 
the word Linux, by not knowing what 32 bit is, and by asking at the end 
of conversation:"How have you named your OS? Is it a special OS, what is 
it?" This is exact quote.

If somebody uses one of the printers above, or has a general experience 
with printers of either of the companies and can share it with me, here 
are my questions:

1. Does one of the above printers work under Debian 6.02
1. On which company driver/support (support ? :->) is better to rely?
2. Which of the 2 printers above is a better choice, considering my 
priorities are:

- reliability of the driver in terms of its availability and OS support 
after upgrade to the next OS version.
- reliability of the printer itself
- build-in duplex printing
- cost effectiveness
- I do not care much about wireless, but if it comes, it comes. :-)

If you can suggest any better printer that I've picked up, please, do.

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