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Re: What are the 94 printable characters from the 128 characters of ASCII table?

On 20110726_120103, yudi v wrote:
> Thanks Paul.
> Was having a tough time trying to understand.
> Instead of saying the following:
> "It is highly advisable to only use the 94 printable characters from the
> first 128 characters of the ASCII table"
> it would have been easier to understand if they simply said to use
> characters between 0x21 to 0x7e.

ASCII is a very old standard that was established by the telegraphy
industry before there were methods for direct transmission of data
between computers. The people who adopted/adapted it to computer use
had some confused ideas about what it was that has muddled the
language in many documents. There are too many such documents to hope
that the situation will ever be fully clarified. Especially now that
everything gets saved at a gazillion locations in the cloud.

Paul E Condon           

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