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Re: Kernel Config file for Debian Squeeze Install Disc

> AFAIK the kernel in the installer is
> split into many small packages from the regular linux-image package.  So
> the possible differences are version skews when a newer kernel hits the
> archive, and missing modules that are not packaged for the installer.
You are right. I discovered that the pata-modules-* package that ships
with Debian Install disc, did not have the driver module for my RDC
PATA controller and hence it failed to detect it.

The thing that I find surprising is that the kernel itself
(2.6.32-5-486) has the support for the controller:
So why does it have to depend on packages like pata-modules to detect
the IDE interface. Can't the kernel detect the type (deviceid) of IDE
interface and load the appropriate module (from it's initrd?) I guess
may be I do not fully understand the installation mechanism.

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