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Re: kvm

On 07/04/11 at 02:47pm, David Sastre wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 03, 2011 at 08:08:50PM -0700, Khosrow Hassani wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I am running kvm 0.12.5 from Squeeze. the problem I am having is that kvm -hda 
> > disk1.img -hdb disk2.img doesn't give me 2 drives in my Windows xp inside kvm, 
> > even when I run it as root. only the first disk where windows is installed shows up!  
> > I created the other image using kvm-img with qcow2 format. Also, the -usb works 
> > only for root but not for normal user! when I run it as normal user I get permission error.
> > 
> > any idea?
> > thanks, Khosrow
> Maybe using libvirt, virt-install, virsh and friends would made easier
> for you to admin storage and users.

"Oh no, I can't learn how it works, let me install software to run my software.
Then I'll install some software to run that software too".

Nonsense. Learn KVM concepts or make some suggestions how the UI could be
improved. Or go to virtualbox/vmware desktop which are better suited to
beginners (AKA people unwilling to learn how things work but who demand to use
computers anyway)


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