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Re: Third kernel oops in three days

On Mon, 04 Jul 2011 15:56:50 +0200, Jonathan Hanger wrote:

> I've been having some troubles with the kernel these last three days. In
> that time, three oops happened... which is really unusual (running
> Debian for a few months with no kernel problems so far).


> WARNING: at /build/buildd-linux-2.6_2.6.39-2-i386-Ow09ch/linux-2.6-2.6.39/debian/build/source_i386_none/block/genhd.c:1556 disk_clear_events+0xa9/0xd2()


You seem to be hitting this upstream kernel bug:

Warning at block/genhd.c:1556 disk_clear_events 



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