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Re: kvm

On 04/07/2011 05:08, Khosrow Hassani wrote:
I am running kvm 0.12.5 from Squeeze. the problem I am having is that
kvm -hda disk1.img -hdb disk2.img doesn't give me 2 drives in my Windows
xp inside kvm, even when I run it as root. only the first disk where
windows is installed shows up! I created the other image using kvm-img
with qcow2 format. Also, the -usb works only for root but not for normal
user! when I run it as normal user I get permission error.

any idea?
thanks, Khosrow

Really, you don't need to run kvm as root until you want to do really specials things.

Are you installing Windows or is it already installed and you later added the second drive? It's not clear "where" you can't see the second drive (during the installation, into the computer window? the admin's drive manager?, etc.).

I just wonder if your drives are formatted or raw, and what fs they're using?
From my memories, Windows is kind of "stupid" with hard drives since what's not MS shouldn't exist at all.


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