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Re: Squeeze - Virtualbox - No Installable Kernel

On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 04:59,  <scottmaccal@hush.com> wrote:
> During the install
> of an Ubuntu 8.04 server virtual machine I got the following error:

Why are you asking in a Debian list about an Ubuntu package?
Ask in the Ubuntu forums, they'll know how it's packaged.

I use Sid, i haven't had issues with Virtualbox last time i upgraded,
but have in the past (vms wouldn't start). What i did a few times to
fix it was purge all Virtuabox packages - then make sure all the
kernel drivers were actually purged (they weren't, so i had to rm
them). Then reinstall, let it compile the driver, and it worked.

But that's for Debian Sid and i didn't have problems last time i upgraded.

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