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Re: install squeeze con core i5 2500 motherboard 1155

Well, i got an ASUS P8H67-M LX with H67 B3 revision intel chipset  with a core i5 2500 .

The machine has 3 Samsung 1TB disks , that i see on the bios config, connected to sata 3gb ports .

After inserting an usb stick with realtek firmware-realtek 0.28, config the network,
I'm stuck on Scanning disk on starting up the partitioner on 50 % progress : it's stalled .

I built a pendrive with netinstall image for amd64  (debian- .

Google is absolutely no help here. Searching "squeeze install intel 1155" gives this thread only,
echoed on several sites.


Pablo Sánchez

Camaleón, thanks .
I'll just go check the chipset stepping just to be sure it's not the defective ones and order it.


Pablo Sánchez.

On Wed, 01 Jun 2011 14:32:26 -0300, Pablo Sánchez wrote:

I'm looking for a core i5 2500/1155 for a server install .

Will i face any problem installing squeeze there ?
An Intel Core i5 is a very generic processor, it should not give you any
problem but we cannot tell if you will face any issues with the rest of
the server's components.

Should i install debian stock kernel or go to bpo 2.6.38 ?
I would proceed with the stock kernel and keep that unless you encounter
a serious problem with it.


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