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Re: Hibernate fails

On 27/06/11 05:48, William Hopkins wrote:
> On 06/26/11 at 03:36pm, Carl Fink wrote:
>> I added your wpa_supplicant.conf. Still can't hibernate. I don't have WiFi
>> here to try to connect to. (I'm at work, where I have to connect this
>> netbook using T-Mobile via bluetooth tethering.)
> I don't use hibernate (I use suspend, though) and I can't think of any reason
> why running wpasupplicant would prevent it. 

Nor can I ("think" of a reason "it" prevents it) - but at some point I
guess I should probably try and treat the error message seriously before
testing the "long-shots"....

> If you suspect wifi is in any way
> involved, simply disable wifi totally (ifdown, kill the wpasupplicant service,
> and rmmod your wifi driver even). Then you'll know whether it's a factor or no. 

Loaded modules, and many other "possible" causes can be tested later - I
"suspect" the most expedient path to resolving the issue is to deal with
the factors most closely related to the reason stated in the error logs
as the cause of the problem.

NOTE: I'm not dismissing it a useful line of inquiry, or trying
different kernels.


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