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Re: separate user per website?

On Mon, 13 Jun 2011 12:50:07 +0200, Lars Nielsen wrote:

> I am running my own server with lenny, apache and php. Now I have
> several websites that only I are going to update. Is it fine to run
> those under the same userlogin and use virtualhosts or should I create a
> separate user for each website?

I guess you refer to share the sanme SFTP/FTP username/password, right?

If you are the only user that is going to manage them and you foresee no 
problems with that policy, it should be fine. The number of users is 
mostly a matter of management convenience (because different privileges 
can apply to different users).

> Is it posible to maintain a secure server using a single user with
> several websites?

Yep, why not? A secure server is not just about how many users there are, 
indeed, the less users -and the less services- the better, but choose a 
very good password for it because is someone breaks it, it will have  
access to all of the hosted sites ;-)



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