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[SOLUTION?] Re: No input devices in wheezy

On 12/06/11 19:34, AG wrote:
My keyboard works fine at the GRUB screen, enabling me to select the kernel to boot. However, at gdm3 (and kdm as well now as the default), neither mouse nor keyboard works.

Doing a hard reboot, I can boot into recovery mode and from there startx and as root, keyboard and mouse work fine. But, logging out as root and coming back to the login screen, again input devices are frozen.

Research from the web seems to suggest this is a known bug, but the resolutions are confusing: some suggest rm -fr /run but that doesn't work for me; others suggest it is something to do with udev, whilst others think it has something to do with xorg.conf. So far, the only workarounds seem to be hacks that work for some but not for others. There do seem to be a number of bugs reported on this already.

I am currently using my user account, but had to get into it via recovery mode, going to root and su to my user account. This seems to be okay, but it is not a preferred route.

Can someone please give me some advice on how to fix this.

Am I looking at downgrading udev or upgrading it or ... ? And if downgrading it, how do I do that without losing everything else that seems to be dependent on it?

For reference, this is an installation from squeeze that was updated to wheezy, but I have now read that this is an issue for those who have done fresh wheezy installs as well.

Thanks for any help.


After further research, I downgraded udev_170-1_i386 to udev_167-3_i386 and libudev0_170-1_i386 to libudev0_167-3_i386 and rebooted.

The problem is now resolved. However, the Update Manager wants to upgrade these two files to 170-1. Is there anyway to stop this from happening, or do I manually deselect these when it is time to update?



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