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Re: Sony Vaio VPC EE47FB Moved from Squeeze to Sid to get touchpad working

On Sat, 11 Jun 2011 14:49:17 -0300, Leonardo Ruoso wrote:

> I installed Squeeze amd64 on a Sony Vaio VPC-EE47FB and got a non
> working touchpad.

Looks like this:

Synaptics Touchpad Drivers Don't work on New Laptop 

> Before trying anything else I upgraded to sid and everything worked

A new kernel or Xorg packages can make a difference.

> I use sid anyway (just used a squeeze dvd to install the system), but I
> think new laptop owners are somewhat forced to do that to get it
> working.

Did you open a bug report? By doing so there is still a chance to get the 
problem solved by an upcoming Squeeze update...



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