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Re: Which sound card for my server rack?

On Fri, 10 Jun 2011 11:03:22 +0000, alex.padoly wrote:

>  My server have several PCI 64 bits slots, I can put my PCI video card
>  (ATI RADEON PCI) but I can't put my soundblaster PCI 128, I can put it
>  a sounBlaster Live PCI but this card doesn't work with Linux!
>  Which sound card I can put in my server rack and it works with Linux. I
>  need sound when I use a application sometimes. Thanks you!

Hum... I would say that, generally speaking, racked servers usually embed 
the audio chipset in the motherboard (as well as most of the computers do 
in those days) and that should be enough *unless* you need something 



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