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Re: Missing device nodes

On 06/07/2011 04:00 AM, titantoppler@gmail.com wrote:
Hi list,

I'm running Debian Wheezy (testing) on the latest kernel (2.6.38-2-686)
as my file server. This server has a RAID 5 array composed of 4 SATA
hard disks connected to the motherboard controller.

mdadm complains that it is unable to start the array on boot up (it says
that only 1 out of 4 drives are found).

"ls /dev" shows that the other 3 drives are present, but the partitions
are not. That is, /dev/sd[a-c] are present, but /dev/sd[a-c]1 are missing.

The *partitions* have disappeared??? That's scary, and what I'd google about.

A "partprobe /dev/sd[a-c] -s" usually makes the partitions appear again,
and I can then remount the mdadm array without complaints.

However, it is getting pretty irritating. Is there a permanent fix for this?


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