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clone LVM disk to a larger disk

Hi guys,

I'm using two HP Microservers with a Heartbeat1 cluster, drbd and kvm.
On one of these servers the systemdisk is a 160GB disk with LVM configured, on the other node it's a 1TB disk. I'd like to have both nodes with the same disk sizes (easier to configure imo)

Now I've got a 1TB disk which I would like to use instead of the 160GB disk. My question: Can I just clone the small disk to the new large disk and then resize the LV on it ? Does that work ? I would say yes, but I've never done that, so I am not sure... ;)

Is there any advantage to use dd instead of Clonezilla[1], ReDo[2] or whatever ? Maybe dd is slower than the other tools, but other than that
there shouldn't be any issues, correct ?

Best Regards

[1] http://clonezilla.org
[2] http://redobackup.org

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