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Re: Gnome/KDE program launches hang when Internet disconnected - Lenny

On Fri, 03 Jun 2011 05:38:23 -0400, Jack Dodds wrote:

> I am running Lenny.  The system is connected to the Internet via a
> Linksys BEFSR81router and a cable modem.  My desktop is Gnome.
> If the Internet is inaccessible - e.g. if the Ethernet cable is
> disconnected from the computer, or the cable modem power is
> disconnected, or if there are problems on the provider network - many
> GUI programs take a long time (about 60 seconds) to launch.


I have not experienced that specific behaviour in any of my lenny 

What I've seen if that when there is no Internet access, booting process 
delays a lot and once logged in, programs that require Internet 
connectivity -for most of their functions- are also experiencing a bit of 
slowness (like Icedove) but besides that, nothing more.

What can prevent gedit to be launched quickly? Dunno, but I see no 
relation between network and gedit :-?. 

What it could happen is that system daemons running in background which 
require Internet access (ntp, newsreaders, e-mail chechers, weather 
applets, etc...) are consuming more resources and CPU when network is off 
and so loading the system but unless your computer has a low ammount of 
ram or is very busy that shouldn't be noticeable.

Run "top" to check for any runaway process.



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