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Re: Configuring WIFI

On Tue, 31 May 2011 22:38:46 +0300, David Baron wrote:

> My android can use WIFI. 

But this is a Debian list :-)

> Works fine with who knows whose WIFI it happens
> to find and connect-to. The one on my wireless router, however, connects
> but cannot access and web pages or other data through it.

Does the AP work when you connect it from another device? 
> Is there something I need to enable in a firewall? Or in other
> options/conf files somewhere?

Does the AP provide DHCP? Does the AP has any sort of filter (mac 
> Sort of unfair to "steal" someone's bandwidth just because it's there
> :-) 

"Unfair"? In some countries it's illegal :-P



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