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Re: xorg with nvidia drivers

On Tue, 31 May 2011 07:58:09 -0400, Brad Alexander wrote:


> I didn't see anything obtuse that would cause the type of behavior such
> as I was seeing. However, I stripped it down as far as I could (e.g.
> removing the options from the screen sections), I still see the same
> behavior. Can anyone see what could be causing this strange crashiness?

How about using a minimalistic (even more than the one you tested) 
xorg.conf file?

I would start from here:


(remember to make a backup of your current "xorg.conf" file)

In addition to manually set X server, there is also "xrandr" that may 
help you with your dual screen layout but true is that I'm not sure about 
the status of "xrandr" when using the nvidia closed driver, I mean, I 
dunno if all of the options are available :-?



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