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Re: xfs backup system vs rsynce

On 05/30/11 at 04:28pm, prad wrote:
> xfsdump and xfsrestore seem to be a good combo and i recall using dump
> and restore on freebsd.
> the past year we've been using rsync which is very convenient.
> do people have any thoughts regarding these as far as creating backups?
> my feelings are slanted towards using xfs tools since i'm using xfs,
> though i would appreciate hearing what people have to say before leaving
> rsync behind (though i may use it locally for quick stuff).
rsync benefits:
  file-based backups mean you can only back up files which have changed or newly created, sometimes known as an 'incremental' type backup, saving on bandwidth (for netbackups) and storage space
  directly network aware, making for easier network backups and file transfers
  filesystem agnostic, meaning a change in your filesystem (or possibly even OS) type doesn't necessitate any change in backup method or script
  backup method can be made as a directory or tarball, leading to easier single-file restoration vs dump/clone
dump/dd/snapshot/clone benefits:
  snapshot-like backups ensure file consistency in all things, including access/modification times, extended acls, permissions and anything filesystem-specific which is either unsupported by rsync or you may neglect/overlook in your solution.A
  (dd/clone specific) easier for restoring to bare metal for full-OS restores
  (snapshot specific) easier for versioning/restores 


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