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Re: my host pc can't connect to my virtual mathine using ftp

On 05/30/11 at 02:05am, profove wrote:
> Ask,
> I'm a newbie for debian. Now i want to create a file server using vsftpd
> on my virtual machine which is created using vmware, and my virtual pc's
> ip is using bridged network while my host machine's ip is
> vsftpd's configuration file is OK, I checked in virtual machine typing
> "ftp localhost" and the result is OK. But when i typed 'ftp'
> in my host machine, i got no response. By the way, I can ping through
> the virtual machine's ip.

Can you ping both ways? From host->VM, and vice-versa? 
Does a telnet or netcat test fail? (e.g. `nc/telnet 21`)
If that fails, try a listener:

VM$ netcat -l -p 2024

Host$ netcat 2024

Can your VM ping other machines on your network, or the internet? Is IPtables configured on either machine?


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