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Bug in bash? different from ksh, at any rate...

Can anybody explain this difference between the behavior of bash and ksh?

When reading the man page, I would expect both of them to have the behavior exhibited by ksh. Why does bash seem to treat "return" like a single level "break" in this context?

The "echo "$AA" | while read" is important context. If I change it to "for i in 0 1", return does as expected.

If it's any help, changing "return" to "break 2" doesn't help. with bash, it still gives "1 1 1 1"
while ksh still gives "1"

I wonder if it has anything to do with "while read" causing a subshell to be created, and bash getting confused about the "return" inside of a subshell. If so, it's a bug in bash that ksh gets right, so it ought to be fixable.



----------- example of strange behavior below -----------

:~$ cat /tmp/testit
function strange {
for j in 0 1 2 3
	AA=' 1
	echo "$AA" | while read i
		echo "$i"
echo $(strange)

:~$ bash /tmp/testit
1 1 1 1

:~$ ksh /tmp/testit

----------- example of strange behavior above -----------

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