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Re: Samba and NFS

On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 1:04 PM, Will Ryder <wjryder@me.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have NFS mount of netapp filer on debian 6 and on a rhel 5 machines.
> I have samba server  running on both machines that windows pc can connect to and access the nfs mount.
> Is this advisable ? As I cannot have strict file locking. Or is there some way to make nfs and CID share work together file locking?
> Thanks
> Will

Do not interpose a Linux box as a file server in between your clients
and the NetApp if you can avoid it. It's a significant performance
penalty, and resolving the permissions and group management is a
!@#$!@#$ nightmare. Samba 4.x can run NFSv4, but the features are
still difficult to manage.

If you've spent all that money for a NetApp, let it do the CIFS
services directly, if at all possible. This will require some
integration between the CIFS and NFS account management, but I think
you'll be on eheck of a lot happier.

And oh, yes: *PLEASE* tell me your NetApp admin set up your NetApp
filesystems ad UTF8, becuase otherwise, you can have some real
adventures with shared Windows and NFS access. (Windows will record
international characters in filenames that the NFS cannot deal with,
even to delete, without UTF8".)

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