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Re: does Debian labeled for AMD-64 run on Pentium cpu family 6?

On 05/27/11 at 12:50am, tarcisio praciano-pereira wrote:
> I have a Pentium cpu family 6 (copy from /proc/cpuinfo) model 23 - Dual
> Core, cpuid level 13.  I hope I have no missed the important
> information.
> Does Debian 6.0 labeled for AMD-64 run in this CPU?
> Regards
> Tarcisio

To see if your CPU is 64-bit, look for the lm tag in cpuinfo
The AMD64 architecture is for any 64-bit CPU other than the Itanium family, and I am reasonably sure if you had an Itanium you would know it.


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