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Re: Re: Wrong permissions to "/" in my debian/testing system

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:

 It reads those permissions from the file system stored on the block device
 specified in the root= kernel command-line parameter.

 File system permissions are persistent.  If you don't see them change you
 can't be sure whether nothing is trying to change them OR coming is trying to
 change them, but to what they already are.  If you do see them change, then
 you can start isolating the problem.

OK. You are right! I was quite convinced that only the subdirectories' permissions
are stored in the filesystem image, while root node permissions are defined by the mountpoint.
My mistake!

So now I only have to investigate how the problem was generated.
Two affected machines are the ones in which I've upgraded disks without reinstalation of the
Maybe after formating the permissions in the filesystem were set to 0777, and later, when
I copied the files with "cp -a" the permissions to the root node remained untouched.
Otherwise I should assume that both systems got compromised :-(.

Thanks a lot,

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