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Re: received sms possible or not with debian ??

On Wed, 25 May 2011 20:22:50 +0100, thuillier-charmet wrote:

> i am looking a tip(s) for received sms without commercial intermediate ?
> i am more beginner than a geek, so thanks in advance for a full
> explanation.

You meant receive, send or manage them?

For sending I can see several ways to achieve it. You can:

a) Send your self the SMS with your own modem and the proper program

b) Use your cell-phone provider SMS gateway (no additional equipment 

c) Use a third-party service (like [1]) but if you don't want 
intermediates you can jump this one :-)

I had b) setup for my UPS alerts and works like a charm (it was very easy 
to setup deploy) but if you need to send bulk SMS maybe a) or c) are the 
most suitable options.

[1] http://en.smspc.net/



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