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no beep under emacs

I have the following pbm with emacs (23.2.1) under squeeze and gnome
desktop (2.30.2): I don't hear any beep when pressing, e.g., Ctl g. When
running emacs within a terminal, with emacs -nw, I hear the beep.
Running it in a X window (as ussual) I don't hear any beep.

It seems that gnome has redirected the system beep, so that other
applications (terminal, gedit,...) are correctly producing the beep
(which is not the internal PC beep, but a new sound defined with the
system default sound theme), but this simply doesn't work for emacs.

If anyone has an idea to fix this, I would be interested. I was
wondering if compiling emacs from the sources would solve it.
Thank's in advance.

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