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Max Upload File Size 1Gig


I'm running apache2 (latest stable) and php (latest stable) trying to set it up be able to upload files more than 1Gig.

Changed the setting in the php.ini file to
upload_max_filesize = 2048M

I can change the setting to anything up through 1024M and it seems to work fine and do what is expected. Setting the value over 1024M however doesn't seem to allow uploading larger than 1gig files. There's no other setting in the pages that would be conflicting with the setting.

I've also tried adjusting the post_max_size value to see if that affects the issue but setting the value over 1024M breaks all uploads.

What am I missing? What other settings to I need to change to allow for uploads over 1 Gig?

Thank you!


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