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Re: ia64 and i386

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 12:18:01AM +0900, J.Hwan.Kim wrote:
> Hi, everyone
> If the CPU core is i5, what package should be installed ia64 or i386?
You should use amd64 :-)

i386 is the 32-bit version -- you can use it, but it won't use all
features of your system (e.g: no single program can use more than 4GB of
ram (real ram and swap together)).

i64 is the "original" Intel 64-bit version -- which is used only in
Itanium and Itanium II - processors. This version will NOT work at all.

amd64 is the 64-bit technique developped by AMD, which is now also used
by Intel in all processors except Itanium.
So, your i5 is an amd64-architecture :-)


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