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How to stop a message which requires the Enter key

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Recently I decided that I would like to be able cause the my Intel Quad
desktop running Lenny to hibernate rather than have to be turned off
completely while I am not using it for short periods.  To this end I
installed package hibernate. I then made the mistake of running the
command hibernate without option or previous configuration.

The result was disaster.  When I pushed the SOL start button it took
longer than usual to boot.  After booting I found that one of the RAID
disks and swap had not been activated.  Rebooting got RAID to function
properly, but now on booting at an early stage the following message
	resume: Could not stat the resume device file 			

I am then given the option of entering the full path for that file or
continuing the boot by pressing the ‘Enter’ key.  Not knowing the ‘full
path’ – or even if such a path – or ‘resume device file’ – even exists I
press the ‘Enter’ key.

The boot then continues.  Later on more messages appear:
First: “VG1-swap_crypt is starting”, followed by “VG!-swap_crypt has
started”.  Finally, still later there is a message: “VG1-swap_crypt is
running”.  Htop shows that the swap partition exists.

Is there a way I can stop the first message from appearing and requiring
the ‘Enter” to be pushed?

Thanks, Ken Heard
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