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Re: Re: login as root to GUI


On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 12:17:54PM -0400, Dick Bayerl wrote:
> I am frustrated.  I have tried installing both UBUNTU and DEBIAN with
> the same problem.  

Debian and Ubuntu are a bit different on this issue.

Since login to root using X displaymanager is not so good idea, I
mention console tricks.

Default Ubuntu system usually has no root password.  You use your main
user account and sudo with user password to gain root.

Default Debian system usually has root password.  So from user account
use su command with root password to gain root.

I do not know how you installed ...

> I never can login to root so I can't make changes to
> various files.  Not the owner.  I am just now installing DEBIAN on a
> second machine and keeping careful notes about the password to see if
> that will work.  I really like the idea of working with DEBIAN and hope
> I can get past this issue.

You need to read basics.

You go: http://www.debian.org/ click documentation and click "Debian
Reference".  I have written extensive basic guide for newbies.  Maybe
you need to start at "GNU/Linux tutorials":

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