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Re: login as root to GUI

On Thu, 19 May 2011 12:17:54 -0400, Dick Bayerl wrote:

> I am frustrated.  I have tried installing both UBUNTU and DEBIAN with
> the same problem.  I never can login to root so I can't make changes to
> various files.  

What files?

If you need to change a configuration file, use your preferred text 
editor and launch it as root:

su - -c "mcedit"

Or a GUI text editor:

gksu - gedit

> Not the owner.  I am just now installing DEBIAN on a
> second machine and keeping careful notes about the password to see if
> that will work.  I really like the idea of working with DEBIAN and hope
> I can get past this issue.

You can login as root within your DE session, but is not the 
recommended :-)



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