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debian squeeze kfreebsd disk partitioning tool missing?

I'm not sure how to report a bug against what appears
to be a missing piece in the Debian Squeeze kFreeBSD
system, so I'm asking both for how to fill the gap and
also how to file this as a bug report if it is a bug.

There does not appear to be a partitioning tool
which understands how to create and/or modify the
kind of partitioning set up by the installer, e.g.:

/dev/ad4   - whole disk
/dev/ad4p1 - biosgrub
/dev/ad4p2 - ufs /
/dev/ad4p3 - swap
/dev/ad4p4 - zfs pool
(not limited to 4 partitions!)

What is the name of this disk partitioning/labeling
system, anyway?  It's not the traditional primary/extended
system or the traditional BSD disklabel system, either.

The official Debian Sqeeze kFreeBSD amd64 documentation lists
some partitioning programs.  I've tried parted, gparted, gfdisk,
cfdisk, etc. Most of them can show a bit of the info, but not
all and none of them can create this kind of a structure on
my spare disk, etc.  A program called partman was mentioned
in some older Debian kFreeBSD documentation but it is not in
the Debian kFreeBSD Squeeze repository.

In Summary:

(1) What is the name of this disk partitioning scheme?
(2) What tool(s) can display and create such partitions
AFTER installation on Debian Squeeze kFreeBSD amd64?
(3) If these tools exist, they are missing in the documentation,
so either way there's a bug to report, so how do I report it?

I've found a bunch of other apparent bugs in Debian Squeeze
kFreeBSD and I would like to report them as well!



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