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Re: Does KDE 4.5 have a root Xterm?

On Wed, 18 May 2011 23:12:19 -0400, Ken Heard wrote:

> If it does I cannot find it.

If you mean a konsole shorcut that used to be launched as root (Super 
user mode) it should be still there (btw, I never understood what was 
this intended for, it just only saves you from typing 4 characters "su  
-" :-P).

Under the classical menu, look into System or Utilities and if it's not 
there anymore, you can easily add a new menu item to launch it.
> In KDE 3.5 the panel kicker has an applet called "Terminal Sessions".
> Clicking on it provided a choice of Xterms to open, including one for
> root which required the root password to open.  I can't find the
> equivalent in KDE 4.5.  Is there one?

If you looked for the applet itself, I'm not sure it has been ported to 
plasma... maybe you can take a look into kde-apps¹ and search for a 
plasmoid that performs the same task.




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