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Re: rolling vanilla kernel on Squeeze

18/05/2011 04:09, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> System:          Squeeze
> Current Kernel: vanilla built under Lenny long before
>                  upgrading to Squeeze
> Issue:           Seeing two extra .debs being built by make
> I grabbed from kernel.org yesterday and rolled a kernel using
> 'make KDEB_PKGVERSION=custom.x.x deb-pkg'.  After running the make
> script I ended up with a kernel .deb package, a headers .deb package,
> and a libc-dev .deb package.  I've been rolling my own kernels for many
> years and I've never ended up with anything but a single kernel .deb
> file.  I don't use initrd nor module support.
> What's the story on these two new .deb packages, and what do I do with
> them, if anything?  Is it safe to go ahead and install the kernel
> package?  What, if anything, do I need to do with the 2 new files?
> Install them?  Copy then to /boot?  Ignore them?

Hi, not a bug, it's a feature ;-). It's been added to the make deb-pkg
target. Your best bet is to look into /scripts/package/builddeb

"# Build header package
(cd $srctree; find . -name Makefile -o -name Kconfig\* -o -name \*.pl >
(cd $srctree; find arch/$SRCARCH/include include scripts -type f >>
(cd $objtree; find .config Module.symvers include scripts -type f >>
mkdir -p "$destdir"
(cd $srctree; tar -c -f - -T /tmp/files$$) | (cd $destdir; tar -xf -)
(cd $objtree; tar -c -f - -T /tmp/objfiles$$) | (cd $destdir; tar -xf -)
rm -f /tmp/files$$ /tmp/objfiles$$
arch=$(dpkg --print-architecture)

cat <<EOF >> debian/control

Package: $kernel_headers_packagename
Provides: linux-headers, linux-headers-2.6
Architecture: $arch
Description: Linux kernel headers for $KERNELRELEASE on $arch
 This package provides kernel header files for $KERNELRELEASE on $arch
 This is useful for people who need to build external modules

I think you can safely ignore the packages if you don't use modules at
all, if you didn't miss them before you are unlikely to miss them now.

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