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configuring iceweasel fonts for debian documentation

I'm reading 


IMHO, it is important to see what the author intended, but I think I am not.

If this doesn't clear up your display problems with MC, see Section 9.6.6, “The terminal configuration”.

The above line is a cut-and-paste from an iceweasel window into an
emacs-lucid window. The line I see in emacs is slightly different from
the line I see in iceweasel, but both suffer from what must be a
configuration problem.  In particular just before and just after the
string "The terminal configuration" there are characters that make
sense only as a computer malfuntion.

I'm running a fresh install of Squeeze with default graphical desktop,
Gnome. If I did anything special, it was unintended. What do I do to
get iceweasel to render this .html file correctly? 

(Emacs is a different problem that can be left for later. And I have
not yet discovered if I have display problems with MC. It is Iceweasel
about which I have a concern.)

Paul E Condon           

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