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Re: GRUB GRUB black screen

14/05/2011 08:18, Russell Gadd wrote:
> One of my operating systems (a version of Debian Squeeze) is now
> refusing to boot. It just shows a black screen with the 2 words GRUB
> GRUB in the top left hand corner. I wonder if anyone has seen this
> sort of behaviour before?
> I use a common swap partition for all my Linuxes, and I have 3 other
> partitions (2 drives) for data which all OS's have access to. Each
> Linux has its own additional tmp partition. I wondered about some
> issue with the common swap partition but my other 3 Linuxes (two
> Debian one Mint) are using it with no problem.
> I wondered whether Kubuntu has somehow altered some BIOS setting but I
> can't see any changes - also the other Debian isn't affected. Or maybe
> it has subtly changed something which GRUB uses to identify the UUIDs.
> Any ideas would be very welcome.

Hi, if you haven't done anything special during kubuntu install, it
installed it's own version of grub2 in the MBR of one of the drives (but
not necessarily the one your bios sees as "first" device), and then
kubuntu probably formated the swap partition, thus changing it's UUID.

Did you try booting to one of the installed system (from a live-cd for
instance) and reinstall grub from there ?
Also, are all the systems using the same version of grub (grub "legacy",
grub2) ?

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