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Upgrade to squeeze some menu stock items disappeared

After I upgraded from lenny to squeeze applets as well as the default gnome menus in the panel don't show (some) stock items anymore. I am talking about things suchs as http://developer.gnome.org/gtk/2.24/gtk-Stock-Items.html#GTK-STOCK-REFRESH:CAPS

This actually also appears to happen with a vanilla squeeze install.

I have been unable to find much information as to why this happens neither do I know exactly which package is at fault so I haven't filed a bug about it.

I have tried various things such as using different icon themes and change the appearance preferences, even changing the source code of an applet I wrote myself. Neither helps much or at all, but I am able to get an icon in the "lock to panel" menu item with some appearance/icon theme configurations. Which seems a bit odd since I normally never see an icon for that particular menu item.

Any ideas on how I can fix this or where can I find more information?
Is this a problem with upstream gnome?



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