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Re: popcon addressing on a recent squeeze install

On 20110507_195157, Klistvud wrote:
> Dne, 07. 05. 2011 19:43:32 je Paul E Condon napisal(a):
> >On 20110507_191456, Klistvud wrote:
> >> Dne, 07. 05. 2011 19:05:24 je Paul E Condon napisal(a):
> >> >I recently did a complete reinstall of Squeeze and said yes to the
> >> >question about popcon. Today I get an email from saying that it
> >can't
> >> >deliver email from root@big.lan.gnu, which the host name
> >internal to
> >> >by home lan. I think that the correct way to handle this is to have
> >> >email to root forwarded to me, but I can't remember (and can't find
> >> >instructions for) how to do this. Please help with a reminder.
> >>
> >> Is /etc/aliases what you have in mind?
> >
> >Yes, thankyou.
> >But there is still a problem. Everything in /etc/aliases looks to be
> >just as I remember it, so there is nothing to fix. But then how did
> >this email get generated? It's a puzzle. And it may be a while until
> >Debian starts getting my contribution to popularity. Oh well.
> >
> Then perhaps you need to configure exim4? Without it, the mail will
> only be delivered locally (to the local root user by default).

I'm pretty sure that I have configured exim4 correctly. I'm using
the host on which this happened to get to this list for help. It
has already worked twice at doing that.

I know that I have been having some problems configuring a new
router, and many strange things have happened because of mistakes
in router config, and in undoing those mistakes. I think I will
wait until I get another failed delivery message. Maybe this 
problem will go away without me ever having to figure out why
it happened. Your pointing to /etc/aliases was a great help in
jogging my memory. I, of course, had never entered an alias for
root into it, because it has always been done automatically for
all the time that I have been using Debian. That it contains
this little attention to detail was one of the reasons that I
have been happy with Debian from when I started about a dozen
years ago.

This problem might come back, but I will be not at all surprised
if I never see it again. And I still have some indications that
other things need work, for now.

Paul E Condon           

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