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Re: OT: Safe to access SSH server from work?

Rob Owens <rowens@ptd.net> wrote:
> [...] you can run your ssh server on a port other than 22

I can thoroughly recommend this. Actually, to be pedantic, you can set
port forwarding from your router's port N to your server's port 22.

Other people have mentioned that you should put AllowUsers in your
sshd_config file, to restrict the accounts that could be permitted to log
in. Another item that's probably worth considering from a legal point
of view is to use the Banner option - also in sshd_config - to print
a message telling people to go away. (This has no technical value, but
could be used to support any legal action: I understand it helps block
the "Oh, sorry, I must have logged in to the wrong system" argument.)


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